Please submit this Rite of Election information by Monday, January 22, 2024.

This registration page is for catechumens and candidates participating in the Rite of Election.

RCIA 119 states: “At this second step, on the basis of the testimony of godparents and catechists and the of the catechumens’ reaffirmation of their intention, the Church judges their state of readiness and decides on their advancement toward the sacraments of initiation. Thus the Church makes its “election,” that is, the choice and admission of those catechumens who have the dispositions that make them fit to take part, at the next major celebration, in the sacraments of initiation.

This step is called election because the acceptance made by the Church is founded on the election by God, in whose name the Church acts. The step is also called the enrollment of names because as a pledge of fidelity the candidates inscribe their names in the book that lists those who have been chosen for initiation.”