7th Floor Studios

Videography and audio studio located on the 7th floor of the Archbishop Noll Catholic Center. It is part of the Secretariat for Communications.

Sharing the Beauty of Our Catholic Faith One Story at a Time.

Witness to Hope

Annual Bishop’s Appeal 2021. Produced by Nate Proulx.

Our Best Year Yet

Teaching through a pandemic – where there is a passion and a will to persevere, there is always a way forward. Produced by Nate Proulx.

Spreading the Light of God’s Love

Annual Bishop’s Appeal 2020 – First-place CMA award for Best Diocesan Fundraising Appeal. Produced by Nate Proulx.

The Luz Story

There was no specific incident that sparked Luz Hernandez’s desire to become a teacher. It was simply something she had always known she wanted to do. Produced by Nate Proulx.


Learn how one family was guided in faith by their own godparents, and what they considered in choosing godparents for their own children. Produced by Nate Proulx.

Meet Nate Proulx

Videography and Photography Specialist

With a BFA in Media and Music Technology from the University of Michigan, Nate originally came to Fort Wayne in 2002 for a sales job at Sweetwater Sound. Not long there-after, a Music Teacher position opened up at St. Vincent’s where he attends. Hailing from a family of music teachers, he could no longer escape the “family curse” and found himself loving this new vocation. For the next 10 years, Nate taught general music, directed a killer Jr. High Jazz ensemble, and made goofy videos for St. Vincent’s LifeTeen program while helping as a Core Member. In the process of making these videos and freelancing on the side, Nate built his skillset and became good enough where people actually started to pay him to do this work. Years later, Nate has had the experience of helping produce high-quality productions for Catholic companies such as LifeTeen, Dynamic Catholic, Renewal Ministries, The Augustine Institute, and many more. Let him put this experience to work for you.

Nathan Proulx
[email protected]
915 S. Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
260-422-4611 x3395

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