Annual Bishop’s Appeal

The Annual Bishop’s Appeal is a yearly fundraising campaign that supports ministries and programs throughout the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend. The diocesan-wide goal for the 2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal is $5,125,464.

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Please contact Jeffery Boetticher in the Secretariat for Stewardship & Development: ​

[email protected]

To donate via check, write a check, payable to “Annual Bishop’s Appeal” and complete a pledge card. Drop both in the collection basket at your parish, or mail to: ​

Annual Bishop’s Appeal
915 S. Clinton St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Make a secure pledge online, payable in installments, and we will mail you a reminder.


Give a secure, one-time gift online via credit or debit card. The current appeal is the 2022-2023 (36th) Annual Bishop’s Appeal.


What Your Gift Supports

High School Subsidy: $1,000,000
Seminarian Education: $750,000
Communications: $585,236
Tribunal: $483,965
Priest Retirement: $479,174
Catholic Schools Office: $475,812
Catholic Charities: $425,000
Grants to Parishes/Agencies: $300,000
Pastoral Ministries and Catechesis: $251,577
Hispanic Ministry: $129,124
Worship: $137,934
Youth Ministry: $107,642

This information details the 2022 Annual Bishop’s Appeal contributions to specific diocesan ministries and departments. These ministries and departments may have larger overall total budgets and expenses, which are outlined in the diocesan financial report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have an Annual Bishop’s Appeal?

Before the Annual Bishop’s Appeal, the ministries and work of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend was financed, in part, by a 13 percent tax on all parish income (capital campaigns, tuition–everything).

In 1987 the first Bishop’s Appeal was initiated and resulted in the reduction of parish tax to six percent on the parish offertory only. This has lifted the burden of the tax from parishes while inviting you to prayerfully consider your investment directly into the ministries and work of our diocese.

Where does my parish goal come from?

A parish goal is based on an algorithm considering offertory income from the past year as well as gifts (paid and pledged) from the past three years of appeal donations.

What happens when my parish meets its goal? Should I still donate?

Yes, you should still prayerfully consider donating. 100% of all donations above a parish goal are returned to that parish.

Many parishes in our diocese rely on these appeal overages to fund building repairs or improvements, fund a new initiative, or put towards a major project.

A successful Bishop’s Appeal for your parish means not only success for our diocese, but also success for your parish.


The Annual Bishop’s Appeal is managed by the Secretariat for Stewardship and Development.