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The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has recently been advised that a certain Joseph B. Wilson, who was previously a Holy Cross Brother of the Moreau Province and later ordained as a priest of the Diocese of Scranton in Pennsylvania (“Wilson”), currently resides in South Bend. Wilson is not a priest in good standing of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and has not been granted faculties by Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades to perform any public ministry as a priest in this Diocese. In August 2002, the Bishop of the Diocese of Scranton imposed restrictions on Wilson, prohibiting Wilson from wearing clerical garb, presenting himself as a priest, or celebrating Mass or the Sacraments publicly as a priest. Those restrictions, imposed as the result of credible allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors, remain in place. Further, Wilson’s name appears on the Diocese of Scranton’s website “List Of Individuals For Whom Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Of A Minor Have Been Admitted, Established Or Determined To Be Credible.”