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What is a deacon?

The Order of Deacons is an ancient order of the Church reestablished by Pope Paul VI at the suggestion of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).  It was for serious pastoral… Read More

What is a Priest?

The Priest is a Man of Prayer The priest must be first and foremost a man of prayer. Personally he is a man in union with God through the intimacy… Read More

Tips For Discernment Prayer

Choose a time Make it a definite time dedicated only to prayer, an appointment with God. Try to make it the best time for prayer that you can find. Choose… Read More

Am I Called to Enter the Seminary?

Many are called but few choose to answer! Your time is spent well if you are trying to listen for the voice of God as you discern your personal vocation.… Read More

Questions on Discernment

What is a vocation? First, all are called to holiness, rejecting sin and loving God with our entire heart, body, and soul. Within this universal call to holiness, God creates… Read More