Eucharistic Revival Parish Toolkit

This page will be updated as content and resources become available to support parishes in the three-year revival.

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Eucharistic Revival Resources

This will be updated as additional resources come available.
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Branding and Logos from the USCCB
Monthly Eucharistic Pilgrimage, Reflection, and Saint

Submit an Event

Add your events to our diocesan events calendar. Select “Eucharistic Revival” as the category filter. You may select more category than one.

Parish Timeline and Expectations

Below is a summary of the revival timeline and parish expectations. For further details, contact your parish point person.

Next Steps for Parishes

Pray & Plan

Pray & Plan.  Pray and plan for next steps.  Develop a “blueprint” of initiatives for the Parish year. 

  • Add an intercessory prayer during the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass for a renewed Eucharistic life:  Father in Heaven, You have given us the precious gift of the most Holy Eucharist.  May the Eucharistic Revival strengthen our faith and devotion to Jesus Himself truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  May the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity our Eucharistic Lord heal our Church and fill us with missionary zeal for the life of the world.  
  • Collaborate with other parishes using the Revival’s collaboration platform provided by the diocese.  More to come. 
Promote the Eucharistic Procession & Festival

Promote and coordinate parish participation in the diocesan-wide Eucharistic Procession & Festival to kickoff the Revival in our diocese on Corpus Christi Sunday, June 19, 2022.  Coordinate parish bus transportation (if desired) through the diocese and order parish procession shirts. Find resources above.

Promote the Eucharistic Revival
  • Promote the Eucharistic Revival and build excitement in our diocese and in your parish through: 
  • Electronic & Social media (Webpage, Flocknotes, Facebook, etc) 
  • Social media graphics centered on the Eucharist (see resources above) 
  • Hyperlinks to diocesan Revival webpages
  • Parish calendar 
  • Bulletin messaging, inserts 
  • Posters in gathering area, office and Catholic schools 
  • Promote, livestream, and take pictures, where possible, of your parish initiatives for the Eucharistic Revival (send livestream plans and/or any follow-up pictures you would like to share to [email protected])  
Encourage Eucharistic Devotion
  • Encourage individuals, families, small groups, and the parish as a whole to  
    • Host at least one 40-hours devotion, including evening speakers on the Eucharist 
    • Spend more time before the Blessed Sacrament, provide regular time for adoration or start perpetual adoration, and make short visits to Jesus in the tabernacle. 
    • Consider offering Eucharistic processions on special occasions/feast days throughout the year (see Guidelines for Eucharistic Processions, including tips for following civil regulations) 
    • Record individual parishioner testimonies about their faith in, love of and experiences of the Eucharist, host them on parish social media and forward to the diocese as well ([email protected]
    • Display fine art that depicts the truth and beauty of the Eucharist and helps the faithful visualize the hidden realities of the Mass.  
    • Learn of the transformative power of the Eucharist in the lives of the saints  
Encourage Eucharistic Formation
  • Offer formation opportunities for individuals, families, small groups, and the parish as a whole to help strengthen our faith and deepen our encounters with the living Lord in the Eucharist: 
  • Offer a simulated “teaching mass” in which a priest or layperson explains the purpose for and what really happens in each part of the mass  
  • View the 7-minute Veil Removed video that depicts the invisible and miraculous elements of the mass. 
  • Host a Eucharistic miracles exhibit – [email protected]
  • View the outstanding video & audio resources provided by the Augustine Institute and others on 
  • Study and reflect on the Prayer and Formation Resources listed on this page
  • Parish youth groups, religious education programs and Catholic schools focus on Eucharistic faith and devotion. Consider promoting a contest for young people to compose works of art and literature focused on Eucharistic faith and devotion, the best of which will be displayed at diocesan events and published in Today’s Catholic. 

Promote parish participation in diocesan-wide training to evangelize people we know and people we don’t know with an emphasis on the scientific (Eucharistic miracles) and theological truths of the Real Presence.  Training planned for early in the Parish Year (Summer 2023). Specifics to follow.