Welcome, Freelance Reporters!

This webpage is for freelance journalists and photographers who have been invited to contribute to Today’s Catholic. 

Freelance writers and photographers are at the heart of executing the mission of Today’s Catholic: you are the face of Today’s Catholic present throughout the diocese, telling the story of the Catholic faith lived out in our diocese. Thank you!
Once you have been invited to freelance for Today’s Catholic, review the expectations outlined on this page and familiarize yourself with our style and processes.

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Freelance Reporting: Getting Started

When you’re ready to write or photograph for Today’s Catholic, these are the steps to take to dive in.

Sign Up to Provide Coverage

Freelance reporters always opt-in to providing coverage. Opportunities for coverage are articulated on what we call the “budget.” The budget can be accessed anytime online through a live AirTable link that is emailed to reporters weekly and can be bookmarked to access any time. The budget also includes information like deadlines, notes on who to contact (if applicable), and more. Reporters can then request to write and/or photograph a particular coverage opportunity.

If the opportunity to coverage is an event, pay extra attention to the time between the event date and the submission deadline: This is how much time is available to write the story or process photos.

Contact and/or Attend

Once a reporter signs up to provide coverage, the next step is to do one or both of the following:

  1. Contact the appropriate person or people to conduct interviews
  2. Attend the event

Do not delay in making contact, as it may take time – sometimes several weeks – to receive a response.

When they make contact, freelance reporters are expected to:

  • Be professional and in regard to verbal and written interactions.
  • Be professional, respectful, and modest in appearance.
  • Have familiarity with and be respectful of the Catholic Church, liturgy, Tradition, and chain-of-command.
  • Submit stories by the deadline articulated on the budget. If you have trouble with a story, such as the inability to connect with a contact, challenges meeting a deadline, etc., please keep in contact with the editor. (At times, we have had to remove journalists from our string due to repeated late submissions.)

A credential will be provided to each freelancer and can be worn at the freelancer’s discretion. Should you need to request a new credential, contact [email protected]

Writing the Story / Post-Processing Photos

The next step is to either write the story or to post-process photos and provide cutlines following the style guide and formatting expectations below.

A story is typically between 700 to 1200 words, depending on the story, but can extend beyond that in certain cases.

Submision and Deadlines

Within 48 hours of conducting an interview or attending an event, writers should submit their story and/or photos. Noon Friday following the event is the final deadline unless otherwise explicitly noted. (This allows Today’s Catholic editorial and publications staff time to process the article and prepare the print newspaper before it is sent to the printer at noon on Tuesday.)

All submissions should be edited and polished by the reporter such that he or she believes it could be published as-is and be considered quality work.

Writing is to be e-mailed as a document (Word, Google Doc, etc.) to