Marriage and Family Ministry Promotional Resources

This page contains evergreen resources for our diocesan Marriage and Family Ministries. To request a new resource, please contact us. We are happy to provide what you need.

15 Facts at 15 Weeks

The Supreme Court is hearing the case Dobbs v. Jackson
Women’s Health Organization, in which they will decide
whether a Mississippi law limiting abortions after 15 weeks
is constitutional. Doing so would be consistent with the
policies of more than 90% of countries around the world.

No Taxpayer Abortion

The Hyde Amendment and similar laws have protected taxpayers from funding elective abortion for 45 years. Now, powerful members of Congress want to take away these laws that both Democrats and Republicans have supported for nearly half a century. Stop your tax dollars from going to abortion. Sign the petition

No permita que el dinero de sus impuestos se utilice para un aborto.