Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

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Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with World Apostolate of Fatima

“The Lord has put angels in charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.” We sang these words from Psalm 91, the liturgy’s Responsorial Psalm today, the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels. God, our loving Father, has given us angels, the pure spiritual beings He created and who praise and worship Him in heaven, to guard and protect and guard us on the way to salvation. Every one of us has his own special guardian angel. St. Jerome once wrote: “how great is the value of the human soul that every single person has from birth received an angel for his protection.” Today the Church celebrates these Holy Guardian Angels. I am very happy to celebrate this feast with you today. I encourage you, as members of our diocese’s chapter of the World Apostolate of Fatima, in your mission to be devoted to the angels. This is natural for you since the children of Fatima were prepared to receive the apparitions and messages of Our Lady by the Angel of Peace who identified himself to the children also as the Angel of Portugal. He was the guardian angel of Portugal. It is the common teaching of the Church that not only does each individual have a guardian angel, but so do entire nations, as we read in the Old Testament book of Daniel.

In the first reading today from the book of Exodus, we heard God telling the Israelites that He was sending an angel before them to guide them on the way through the desert to the promised land. God tells them to be attentive to this angel and to heed his voice. He promises that if they do, He will be an enemy to their enemies. The same in our lives. God has sent us each an angel to guard us and to guide us on our journey through the desert of this life to the promised land of heaven. The Catechism quotes St. Basil, who said: “Each member of the faithful has at his side an angel as a protector and shepherd to lead him towards life.” Our guardian angels walk with us to keep us on the right path. We should be attentive to our guardian angels and heed their voices. Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, says the following: “Our angel is a friend, a friend whom we do not see but we hear, a friend who will be with us in heaven, in eternal joy.” Of course, we must be careful that we are listening to our guardian angels and not to the lies and temptations of the bad angels, the demons, who are also present in our lives. Pope Francis goes on to say: “God sends the angel to free us, to ward off fear, to distance us from misfortune. He asks us only to listen to Him, to respect Him… Respect and listening to our traveling companion is called obedience. The Christian must be open to the Holy Spirit, but openness to the Holy Spirit begins with yielding to the advice of this traveling companion.” Many today are disobedient to the Church and to the Magisterium. This disobedience does not come from the Holy Spirit. We need to call upon our guardian angels and listen to them. They will keep us on the