ParishSoft Family Suite- How to set up a new family

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To set up a new Family:

Sign in to ConnectNow. You will see the screen below- click on the Family Directory tab.

Click on the green “Add New Family” button, and enter the last name of the person, this will show you whether there is a record already set up for them (we do not want multiple records for the same person).

Only the parish of registration can modify contact information for the family.  A parish may pull a family into their database that is registered at another parish, but will not be able to modify basic contact and family detail information until listed as registered in the new parish.  If the family being added is listed but spelled incorrectly, edit the misspelling and edit the family information as necessary to reflect the proper registration.  Again, if the family is registered at another parish, the parish of registration should be contacted to decide the proper registration status.

Contributor Only: adding a family to your parish is not necessary when they make a one-time contribution if they are already registered at another parish. For example, Mr. Brown is attending your parish as a visitor, as he is attending his nephew’s Confirmation, so Mr. Brown writes a check to your parish. When a person contributes to your parish, but they are registered at another parish, you should import the Family DUID as “Not Registered, Contributor Only”.

If the person has no existing record, click on the drop-down box that says “All Organizations” and choose your parish, Then click  Add New Family button, and a new screen will come up that looks like this: