Please complete this seating survey for the South Bend Rite of Election by Monday, February 1st.

The information we collect here will make it possible to plan as sensible and safe a seating chart as possible for the rite, in light of social distancing requirements amidst the pandemic.

Parish registrations for catechumens and candidates.

  • How many total godparents will your parish have at the Rite? One godparent is allowed per catechumen, but sometimes the same person is godparent for multiple catechumens at the Rite. This specific information will be helpful.
  • Are any of your catechumens children who also need a parent to be present with them at the Rite? If so, please note how many parents (just one per child or per group of children from the same family) so we can sit them together. Otherwise there will be no room for them since there’s no guest seating.
  • We need to determine as accurately as possible how much space each parish needs. Please specify a breakdown of how many of your catechumens and godparents will be able to sit together without distancing (e.g., they’re in the same household). [So for example your parish has 6 catechumens, with 2 being from the same family. Another catechumen has his spouse as a godparent. You could say: “Of our 12 individuals, 2 sets of 2 can sit together without distancing.”]
  • You may either list the names of each of your catechumens here, or else email them separately to me ([email protected]). If doing the latter, please simply note that here. The names will be needed by February 1st.
  • Please list any special seating needs or considerations we should take into account (e.g., wheelchairs, etc.). Please be as specific as possible.