Saint Augustine Men’s Group helps men discover and embrace real freedom from the grip of sexual sin by healing and rebuilding their lives through faith, brotherhood, and honesty. You will feel welcomed and supported from the start. By attending our gatherings, men have experienced new life in Christ, a new sense of hope and conviction, stronger marriages, and better relationships with family and friends. And you will too!

What we do

With chapters in Fort Wayne and South Bend, we gather to support, encourage, and pray for one another on our journey to freedom through a structure rooted in Catholic teaching and supported by practical teaching, camaraderie, and authentic conversation. We encourage the practice of prayer, the Sacraments, reading Scripture, accountability, honesty, and practical tools. We don’t judge or criticize anyone, no matter where they are on their path.   We welcome all men seeking real freedom regardless of their faith, race, background, or sexual orientation.

Our Goals

Be a resource and refuge for men seeking to change their lives

Bring men closer into relationship with God

Restore each man’s dignity and confidence

Guide men to return to the Holy Sacraments

Build up men of God to more fully serve the Lord, their families and the Church

“I look forward to spending Saturday mornings with my brothers who are on the same journey to freedom. This path from shame to grace isn’t an easy one, but it’s fulfilling. It’s liberating and inspiring to be able to honestly share my struggles with people who don’t look down on me, but lift me up through prayer, wisdom, and even laughter. Slowly but surely, I’m becoming a better man. The truth is this: Saint Augustine Men’s Group has changed my life.”

Contact us.

You are not alone.

 You will discover strength and hope. For more information or questions, email [email protected].