Tips For Discernment Prayer

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Choose a time

  • Make it a definite time dedicated only to prayer, an appointment with God.
  • Try to make it the best time for prayer that you can find.

Choose a Place

  • It should be a place free from distractions
  • It should be a private place

Enter into Prayer

  • Ask for the assistance of the Holy Spirit, to teach you how to pray (talk and listen to God).
  • Examine your conscience and repent of your sins
  • Lay aside anxieties, problems, battles. Don’t allow them to dominate your time with God.

Recall to mind and assent to the basic truths of revelation

  • God created you out of love and loves you always
  • God sent Jesus to give us life
  • Jesus died and rose, conquering sin and death
  • Jesus promised to be with us and to send us the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus intercedes for us in heaven
  • Jesus is coming again in glory
  • Consciously say “YES” to these truths each day.

Intercede with Faith and Trust

  • For our daily bread: pray for the world, the church, your family, friends, and yourself
  • For forgiveness: As you forgive others
  • For strength for the day and its trials
  • For discernment in your personal vocation
  • For protection from all evil

Before Leaving Prayer, ask yourself

  • What God has said to you; What God has shown you; What you know you should carry into the day and remember so your prayer will bear fruit.