World Youth Day

World Youth Day 2027 will be held in Seoul, South Korea. Information regarding our diocesan pilgrimage will be announced on this page as it becomes available.

WYD 2023 Lisbon

When is the registration deadline?
We will be accepting WYD pilgrim registrations through Oct. 1, 2022.

Is there funding available to help me attend?
Yes! Many parishes are open to organizing fundraisers, but additionally, there are diocesan scholarships available for youth and young adult pilgrims from our diocese. Download the pilgrimage scholarship form on this webpage and submit it by August 15, 2022 to receive scholarship funding!

I applied for the scholarship, when will I hear how much money I have been granted?
Scholarship applicants will be notified on Sept. 1, 2022 of the amount of funding they have been awarded. Pilgrims who receive this funding will need to register and pay a deposit by Oct. 1, 2022 in order to “claim” this scholarship funding.

Who can attend the pilgrimage to Portugal?
Youth and young adults age 16-35 (as of July 28, 2023). Leading and accompanying our youth and young adults will be Bishop Rhoades, priests, seminarians, youth ministry leaders, diocesan staff as well as dedicated chaperones for our high school youth.

Pilgrimage Preparation:
Leading up to the pilgrimage, the diocese will have many community-building and faith-formation opportunities for participants as we prepare to be united with millions of our brothers and sisters in Christ. These will be announced as they are planned. Our first WYD 2023 pilgrimage gathering will be on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at Sacred Heart parish in Warsaw. Pilgrims are invited to join Bishop Rhoades for a 6:30 p.m. Mass followed by a dinner and WYD formation event. Those who have registered will receive more information via email.

Noche de información para la Jornada Mundial de Jóvenes

What will this cost?

Base Cost: $4,525

The base cost per pilgrim is $4,525. This fee includes estimated costs for flights, WYD 2023 registration, hotels, and most meals as well as support from our travel partner, Verso Ministries. Knowing that this considerable investment will require great sacrifice, we encourage interested persons to begin prayerfully fundraising now. We also know that this will certainly be an experience that will impact participants and bear great fruit for years to come. What is not included in the base price is travel insurance, drinks, certain tips, baggage fees, personal purchases, etc. Find a full list of what is covered in your package on the registration page.

Diocesan Scholarships will be available for youth and young adult pilgrims. Scholarship application window is June 1 – August 15, 2022. Scholarship applicants will learn on Sept. 1, 2022 how much funding they have received. Registration deadline is Oct. 1, 2022.

Fundraising Tips for Pilgrims

The price of the WYD pilgrimage is often one of the biggest hurdles for interested youth and young adults to overcome. The cost can appear out of reach. However, remember that you are not alone in this effort – involve the community around you and trust in the Lord. The fundraising process itself can actually be spiritually enriching, as you see how God provides to make the pilgrimage possible for you.

The earlier you begin fundraising efforts, the better. A longer time span allows more time to accumulate the necessary funds. Below are several means of raising funds. Do not rely on only one means of funding – all of these can be carried out at the same time. Develop a budget for how much you reasonably expect to raise through each means, and then start working toward that goal!

Personal Sacrifice

How much can you save up between now and the final payment due date? What expenditures might you be able to give up in order to direct that money to WYD instead? Some suggestions:

  • Forego replacing older electronics or clothes for another year
  • Downgrade or cancel your video streaming subscription(s) for a period of time
  • Switch to making your daily coffee at home rather than purchasing it
  • Limit personal purchases

What might be difficult but possible for you to sacrifice?

Even small sacrifices can accumulate to a significant amount over a long period of time. The spiritual benefits of personal sacrifice can really add up too, similar to what we experience during Lent.

Diocesan Support

As in past WYD pilgrimages, the diocese will have some scholarships available to pilgrims. Pilgrims can apply for scholarships from between June 1 and August 15, 2022. Pilgrims will hear back if they have received diocesan funding by Sept. 1, 2022. The scholarship application form is available at the top of the page. The scholarship application is for youth and young adult pilgrims ONLY. Registration deadline for WYD is Oct. 1, 2022.

Priests, seminarians, and transitional deacons will receive a 50% scholarship ($2,265) automatically.

Schools and parishes gain financial support for chaperones for every (5) high school students they register from their parish or school group. For every (5) high school students in a parish or school pilgrimage group, a ch