“Through Diocesan Youth Leadership, I have felt like I have a bigger role in our faith community.”


“There is also a lot of support and companionship in the DYL program which makes it such a wonderful experience!”

Adam R.

“I learned that I can take on big responsibilities in my life and find ways to fit it in my schedule.”

Adam Y.

“I learned how to both use the skills and talents I have for a greater good and to be able to better incorporate the skills that others possess.”


“I have learned that God puts things on my heart so that I can go and tell other people or that I can plan something that people really need in their life.”


“It feels great to work with a group on a common goal or project based in the Catholic faith and see the fruits of the groups effort and creativity.”

Diocesan Youth Leadership is a unique leadership formation and pastoral training opportunity for young people in 10th-12th grade. Diocesan Youth Leadership has representatives from our Catholic high schools and parishes to advocate for the needs of our young people. Members of Diocesan Youth Leadership will also play crucial roles in spreading the joy of the gospel through advocating for youth events, joyful discipleship, and heartfelt evangelization in their local communities.

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Leadership Formation

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