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Creating Parish Communities of Welcome & Accompaniment

The Ministry with Persons with Disabilities (staff and volunteers) work to ensure meaningful participation for individuals with disabilities and their families in all aspects of the life of the Church. We are a ministry of response and accompaniment for pastors, parish and diocesan staffs, teachers, catechists, parents, families, parishioners, and individuals.

We work on behalf and with individuals with disabilities to provide:
•accessibility for individuals using mobility devices
•accommodations like the LOOP, large print materials, low-gluten hosts
•sacramental prep for children and adults with developmental disabilities
•sensory-friendly masses
•opportunities to serve and participate in parish and diocesan activities
•support for parish schools educating children with disabilities
•assistance with other initiatives and requests

Contact: Allison Sturm at 260.399.1452 or [email protected]

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Take this three-minute survey to tell us about accommodations at a parish you visited. Belonging relies on clergy, parishioners, parish and school staffs, parents, and more to provide information about accommodations at parishes and schools.