Daily going deeper in friendship with Jesus


DISCIPLE is a 10 session course to help committed Christians put Jesus more at the center of their lives and daily decisions. Each session will look at a different aspect of discipleship as well as practical guidance in building up a life of prayer. Daily homework assignments of 15 minutes will make use of selected scripture readings and time for personal prayer.

Please check back later to see dates for the next course offering.

Session Topics

Part One: Abide in Him
Session 1: Becoming an Intentional Disciple (Prayer & Prioritization)
Session 2: Identity (Prayer & Conversing)
Session 3: Intimacy (Prayer & Abiding)

Part Two: Lead a Life of Virtue
Session 4: Justice & Faith (Prayer & Forgiving)
Session 5: Fortitude & Hope (Prayer & Petitioning)
Session 6: Temperance & Fear of the Lord (Prayer & Fasting)
Session 7: Prudence & Love (Prayer & Almsgiving)

Part Three: Go Make Disciples
Session 8: Inheritance (Prayer & Thanksgiving)
Session 9: Destiny (Prayer & Praising)
Session 10: Becoming a Missionary Disciple (Prayer & Healing)