Save-the-date: Saturday, April 27, 2024!

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The Way of Saint Joseph is a pilgrimage between St. Joseph Catholic Church in Mishawaka and St. Joseph Catholic Church in South Bend. Join us as we honor Saint Joseph in a region that gives that name pride of place for its churches, river, and county.

For those who are unable to complete the five-mile pilgrimage at once, there are recommended access points along the way. Consider completing the journey in segments over several days.

Journeying on this pilgrimage is a time to praise God through His son’s adoptive father, reflecting on the terrific sacrifices Joseph made to be a quiet man of God and to trust God’s plans for him and his family.

Preparing for a Pilgrimage

Christians have been making pilgrimages since within 100 years of the Resurrection of Christ. It is one of our oldest forms of prayer. Many people think a pilgrimage has to be made to the Holy Land, Rome, or some other far off place, but the reality is that any journey where we set out to reach a destination and bring our prayers to God through Mary and the saints is a pilgrimage.

For that reason, it is important that each of us take time to consider what intentions we will bring to St. Joseph on the pilgrimage. Families should take time together talking with their children about what each child would like to tell St. Joseph. Children will be encouraged to bring a drawing or written intention to have brought up as an offertory during the prayer service at St. Joseph Parish, South Bend. All are welcome to carry something, such as a rock, prayer card, cross, etc. that helps in feeling connected to St. Joseph.

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The Way of St. Joseph Pilgrimage is sponsored by Marriage and Family Ministry.

Thank you to our partner, Modern Catholic Pilgrim, for assisting with pilgrimage logistics.