OSV Scholars

Master of Arts (Theology) from the University of Notre Dame


Diocesan religion teachers, directors of religious education, youth ministers and other professional catechetical parish ministers are eligible to pursue a Master of Arts (Theology) degree through the University of Notre Dame under a grant from the Our Sunday Visitor Institute. 

Currently, there are nearly one hundred “OSV Scholars” who have obtained their degree through this program: teachers, catechists, pastoral associates and others in parish ministries in our diocese. 

In gratitude, the Office of Catechesis thanks the Our Sunday Visitor Institute for its continued support of this program and its generosity toward catechetical ministries throughout the diocese.

Program Requirements and Admission Process

The MA requires completion of 12 courses (=36 credit hours), the last of which is a capstone project. The OSV Institute may suggest topics of research for the capstone within students’ interests. 

The steps of the admission process with linked applications and information are outlined below. Because diocesan high school theology teachers are required to pursue the MA degree, they begin at Step 3 after notifying the Office of Catechesis.

Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Step 1:  Apply to the Office of Catechesis for funding. 

Diocesan Application and Release of Information

Step 2: Receive approval for funding from the Office of Catechesis. 

Step 3: Apply for admission to Notre Dame’s Theology MA Program (annual deadline: February 15).

Notre Dame Application and List of Materials

Important to note: GRE scores are now an optional part of the application

Step 4: Receive an acceptance letter from the Notre Dame Theology Department. 

Step 5: Sign an agreement with the Office of Catechesis. Once 8 courses (=24 credit hours) are completed, students are expected to return four years of catechetical service to the diocese. If a student leaves the diocese or is otherwise unavailable, the cost of tuition beginning with the second course must be reimbursed to the diocese. In effect, each year of service forgives 25% of the total tuition cost.

Being headquartered locally in Huntington, the OSV Institute funds the program to serve the catechetical needs of our local Church, so the agreement helps to ensure that everyone involved is contributing toward this goal. The Office of Catechesis then uses any reimbursed money to continue funding active students. 

Step 6: Begin taking courses as a formal member of the program. 

Online courses are offered in both the fall and spring semesters. A wider variety of additional courses can be taken during the Summer Session on the Notre Dame campus.

Contact us:

Jonathan Kaltenbach, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Catechesis
[email protected]